Monday, June 4, 2012

I get an F in blogging

Ummmm....yeah. My triumphant return to blogging has been...not....triumphant? Yes. I've been busy, but I don't feel like I have that much to talk about. I did not make straight A's this term, sadly. I made an A and a B+. My B was a Qualitative Research class that was pretty rigorous, and I decided I would rather enjoy my life than spend every waking moment fighting for an A. Worth it, in my mind.

Let's see, what else is new? Still enjoying the new-ish job. Still making jewelry. Still doing Magpie! That's pretty much it. Oh, Nick set the house on fire. Yes, there's that. This was a while ago. I somehow neglected to mention it in my last post. We'd had a fire, and two days later he figured the ashes were cool enough to put in the outside trash can. They weren't. The trash can caught on fire, which then caught the siding on fire, which led to me crying hysterically while some dude ran down from the park behind our house and took control (LIKE A BOSS). He grabbed our neighbor's hose, hooked it up to our house, and controlled the fire until the fire department got there. I almost wet shit my pants it was so scary. Luckily, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we got a new side porch and a new kitchen floor out of it! Also a new kitchen window--the old one cracked and broke from the heat of the flames. I'm telling you, it was scary as hell!

Hmmm other news....I applied for the Indie Craft Parade again this year. Hoping I'll get in, but not expecting too much since I got wait-listed last year. 

Also, my grandmother (dad's mom) died on May 20th. (How's that for a Debbie Downer?) We found out in April that she had terminal pancreatic cancer, and she died the morning of the 20th with my (mostly) sweet sister holding her hand. It was sad, of course, but I'm glad she didn't suffer. She was her regular ornery self up until the very end. Janie Bell, you are missed!!

Nick was admitted to the hospital the Monday before she died. He has Crohn's Disease, BTW. Not sure if I ever mentioned that. He was in the lockup for six days, getting IV antibiotics, steroids, antifungals, anti-wormals, and a shitload of other stuff. He had a positive skin TB (that's tuberculosis for you whipper-snappers) test, so he has to take TB antibiotics for two months before he can get his IV treatment for Crohn's (Remicade). He'll have to stay on the antibiotics for 6-9 months so he doesn't actually get TB. Who even has TB nowadays??? Apparently, he was exposed to an active case at some point in time, no idea when, and once he gets Remicade, his immune system will be so suppressed that he could get the consumption (old & moldy word for TB. Don't ask me why, because I don't know.) and end up in the hospital (again) or dead. Neither of which sound like great options to me, so he's on the TB antibiotics.

Now that I look at it, we've had quite a bit of excitement in the past couple of months. Too much, I'd say.

Hearts and farts,