Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh, buddy!

I've been a busy little bee! I'm trying super-hard to list new items in my Etsy shop every day or at least every other day. My goal is to have 500 sales on Etsy in 2010. It's a huge goal, seeing as I haven't sold a blessed thing on Etsy so far this year, but I'm sticking to it! I purchased a new ad on CraftCult, I'm posting to FB and Twitter daily, and of course I'm handing out business cards like candy! I get tons of compliments on my jewelry, and have had a lot of success at boutiques/salons, but Etsy success is still evading me.

I read every single one of the Etsy Success newsletters, the "Quit Your Day Job" series, and have pored through every thread in the community on how to be successful on Etsy, but to no avail. Ugh. I'm just going to keep on truckin' and hope it works out!

In other news, I applied for a 4K job with the school district, which I REALLY hope I get. Insurance, benefits, and a salary are all things I a) want and b) need. In the meantime, I'm still helping my friend Heidi with her twins. We've been trolling thrift stores to get some accent pieces for their living room and we totally scored! I'm hoping to post some before and after photos of the room with the new pieces sometime next week.

I'm also still working on the craft room....slowly but surely it's coming along. I swear I will post pictures when it's finished. Whenever that is.

Nothing else interesting going on. I'm still boring as always.

Cooter out.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shit My Dad Says

It's a page on Facebook. A 29-year-old guy lives with his 73-year-old dad and just writes down things he says. Hilarity ensues. Go there.
Wow, two posts in two days...crazy!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

See? I AM crafty!!

Sooo, I had this basket, and it was kind of busted and ugly. And I also had this cute fabric that I haven't found a use for yet. I decided to put two and two together, and I got a super-cute storage basket! I thought about using Shan's awesome method (you can fast forward to about the 4:35 minute mark, or watch the whole thing for some more craftiness! Here's a link to her blog, too.) using a hot glue gun, but then I figured I've got a sewing machine and moderately decent sewing skillz so I decided to do it the real way. I should measure and all that jazz, but who has time for that? Not me. So now I've got a sort of wonky lined basket, but it's under the bed in the "guest room" (aka, the crap room, and the bed doesn't even have a mattress, just a box spring (springs?), so it's not as if anyone's actually sleeping in there. Or even going in there, other than Nick and me, but anyway...) so no one will really see the whole thing. Especially not with stuff in it. Anyway, here's pics:

Before: Meh

After: Cute!

It's not perfect by any means, but it does go with the eventual color scheme of the room, which is grey, mustard, and a mushroomy brown color. (With some blue and green accents here and there--much cuter than it sounds, I promise!)

And yes, that IS my AWESOME light box (thanks to my Mama, who got it for me for Christmas)!! It was only $99 from Hammacher Schlemmer, and it included the pop-up light box/tent, three different colors of backdrops (four if you include the white one), two tripod lights, and a tripod for your camera! I know, it's crazy! And the light tent is so big--it's almost as tall as me! I'd say it's probaby like 4'10 or so. I'm not going to bust out my measuring tape (as if I could find it anyway) and measure it or anything, but let's just go with that estimate. Here's a link. Well the description says 40 inches, so that's probably close to my estimate. I don't do math. Hmm, okay so apparently the 20-inch tabletop one is only $99, which is the one I actually wanted. I guess my mom thought I needed a bigger one for some reason... Well get one if you need/want one because they're awesome! (Feel free to reference the above pictures and pictures of my jewelry.)

Cooter out.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The best sites EVAH

I go to these religiously, every day. Sometimes 3-4 times a day. Seriously. Can you believe I have that much time on my hands? Me either.

Design Gal & Her Handyman - Shan has the coolest ideas and such awesome decor!
Life in the Fun Lane - Gorgeous furniture redos and fab interior shots
2Birds1Blog - Pure, unadulterated snark. LOVE.
TFLN - Don't ask, just go.
Young House Love - Again, just go there. You'll understand.
My Favorite and My Best - Snark + interior design/style commentary = priceless
Regretsy - A-MAZING
Lonny - Yes, it's the same issue, but I keep going there over and over again because it's THAT GOOD.
Better After - Love home and furniture updates/redos? Then you'll love Better After. 'Nuff said.

That is all.

And yes I know this is a lame post. Sue me.