Friday, August 15, 2008

Shell jewelry is here!!!

Finally, after wanting to make beach jewelry for pretty much my whole adult life, I have done it! I've only posted two things on Etsy, mainly because I'm greedy and I've been keeping the others for myself! I would make some this weekend, but unfortunately, I'm working all weekend (LAME!). Tomorrow, I'll be at the Saturday Market in downtown G-Vegas (that's Greenville, for those of you not from the Upstate) for the YW. My co-director and I will be at the booth fro 8:00-10:00 am. Fun fun.

At 10:30, I will be at the YW, getting ready for Looping on Monday. (If you don't know what Looping is, go here.) The teachers, some of their spouses, my co-director, myself, and a few other admin staff people will be moving furniture, cleaning, making signs and labels, and doing pretty much anything else to have the classrooms ready for Monday morning when the new kids get here. After that, I will probably collapse on top of the covers with all my clothes on and the lights blazing when I finally get home.

To be totally off-topic, I had a wonderful time at church tonight. This evening we celebrated the Assumption of the BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary, for the non-Catholics), and it was a great service. Our new choir director, Kevin, is great. He is patient, encouraging, extremely talented, and above all, fun to work with! I had to cantor (not like on a horse, that's "canter"), and I was super nervous, because you pretty much take your life in your hands when the organist is at the back of the church and you're down in front. I had gotten used to singing with Adam (our old choir director), and we had a good rhythm. I was terrified something would go wrong, but it didn't, and I didn't fall or do anything else stupid. We sang the Biebl "Ave Maria" (look it up if you don't know it--it will change your life), which will also be sung at my wedding in 2 MONTHS! We sounded great and it was the most laidback Holy Day of Obligation I've ever experienced! Yay!

After mass, I went to The Bohemian in downtown G-Vegas for a bite with some of my friends from church. It was pretty much the most relaxing night I've had in a long time. Now, I'm curled up on the couch writing this with the cat at my side, and Nick is playing crazy killer video games in front of the tv. How's that for a hot date night?

PS speaking of dates, we saw
Pineapple Express the other night and it was awesome!! It might be the best movie I've seen all year, but I don't know because I really can't remember anything beyond a week ago. Sad, sad.

If anyone is interested in my other blog, here's a link:
It's not for the faint of heart--there is a lot of colorful language, some off-color (and probably downright lewd) references, and a whole lot of personal information about me, but if you're brave just add me as a friend and tell me it's for my blog. I like to think it's entertaining.

And finally, here are some pics of the shell beebobs I've listed:

Thanks for looking!

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