Friday, February 10, 2012


Is it me you're looking for? I can see it in your eyes. I can see it in your smile.

Just kidding I'm not Lionel Richie. It's me! I'm back from blogging hiatus, which is good, because I have A LOT going on.

I'm still in the PhD program at USC, taking 2 classes each term. I made straight As last semester. Seriously. I will post my grade report not only to prove to internet people that I really did, but because I MADE STRAIGHT A'S PEOPLE.

I got a new job. Yay! I love it so far. It's much less stress than the Ydub since I'm working on educational initiatives from a community level rather than providing direct services. I also get to wear cute clothes to work every day and not worry about getting vomit, poop, snot, drool, or any other bodily fluid on them! (If you're just tuning in, I used to work with children ages birth-5 years old, and there is a lot of contact with bodily fluids during those ages. A. Lot.)

I opened a tee-tiny little store with one of my good friends. It's called Magpie and it's freaking adorable. Click here to go to our Facebook page so you can see pictures of our little 10x10 space where we have so much fun decorating, designing, creating, and playing. We rent the space from Shinola Antiques, which is an amazing, eclectic, and crazy antique store with an owner and manager who love mid-century furniture and all things funky, macabre, and just plain weird. Click here to go to their Facebook page. Even if you don't live in the area, you should still like their page so you can see the Freaky Toy of the Day!! I only work there on Saturdays, since I have a day job, but that's the most fun day to be there anyway!

I just found out (last night at 11:00, and then I couldn't sleep for shit!) that I was chosen to be a 2012 ModCloth Style Ambassador! W00T! If you don't know what ModCloth is, we just can't be friends. Go there now and educate thyself on the fashions therein. I'm not 100% sure exactly what I'll be doing, but I'm sure it will be awesome.

I also just turned 29. I thought I would feel old and decrepit, but I don't. Well, not really. I did realize that it has been almost seven years since I graduated from college and I might have had some heart palpitations as a result, but I've mostly recovered. By the time my parents were this age they had a house, two cars, and ME. Nick and I have one car, six cats, and a guinea pig. Times sure have changed!

My sister got married last year. It was GORGEOUS. The wedding ceremony was in the Rose Garden at Furman (our alma mater), and was just for family and close friends. It was so beautiful and sweet. The reception was much larger, and was held at this great old house in Greenville (that was a funeral parlor for a while...just sayin'). It was beautiful (thanks in no small part to my amazing design sensibilities and general craft-abilities), and I got way drunker than I did at my own wedding, which is always fun. 

I think that's all the big life changes that have happened since I blogged last (April 2011? WTF me?). Holler.

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Madeline said...

Congratulations on your As! That's really impressive (but not quite as impressive as how your blog post has gotten "Hello" stuck in my head for all eternity).

Opening a small store sounds so cool - that's definitely one of my life goals.

Lastly, welcome to the ModSquad! :D