Friday, January 23, 2009


I am so inspired by neawear's beautiful and kitschy wall wear that I have decided to start doing hand embroidery again! I have always loved fabric arts, and lately I've been getting back into sewing and knitting. I cast them aside for jewelry, and I'm ready to try my hand at them again. I love embroidery for so many reasons, but one is because it's so much more portable than jewelry--you can pop your hoop (as long as it's smallish), needle, and floss in your purse and go! I'll be listing the fruits of my efforts in my new Etsy shop, sew sharp very soon, so please tune in there!

I have also added some new lovelies to hawleywood, my OG Etsy shop! I am growing the Hodgepodge series, which utilizes vintage and new items to create beautiful new pieces of jewelry with serious street cred. That's the tag line I'm using. You like?

Nick invited his parents over for dinner this weekend, which is great because I love his parents, but TERRIBLE because the house seriously looks like a tornado hit it. PS we don't have a vacuum right now, and the carpets are looking unbelievably scuzzy. We'll probably have to lug my dad's gigantic-ass Filter Queen down to the house tomorrow so we can clean up this wretched mess. It's one of the old-fashioned 1980s brown vacuums that has a big round base on casters (that weighs about 80 pounds), and a long hose connected to an equally monstrous sucky part. I don't know what that part's called. It kind of takes away from the story, I know, but it's not like it was a great story anyway.

I'm still obsessed with design*sponge, and How About Orange, and now I'm checking knack like it's my job, hoping desperately for some updates. I went to Barb's booth at Antiques on Augusta (in Greenville, where I live), and I loved seeing her stuff up close. I just wish there was more of it on display. I want to go to the next First Friday, which is when all the local artists open their studios to the public, including knack! PS there were some hot tranny messes up in Antiques on Augusta, but I guess money doesn't buy taste.

Have a great weekend!

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