Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh, God

There's a reason I hate eBay, and I just remembered what it is: it SUCKS!! I bid on a couple of lots of embroidery hoops and thread, because I've been seeing all these beautiful embroidered works of art and it made me want to pick up my needle and thread again and give it a try. I always bid on a couple of the same things on eBay, just because I've been burned too many times by losing to some ass who does nothing but troll eBay all day long, waiting to pounce on auctions that are almost over. I figured that I would increase my odds of winning today, and bet on four different lots of embroidery hoops. I set my max bid on all of them, figuring I would end up having to pay $20.00 at the MOST for ONE lot of them. Unfortunately, today was apparently a slow day on eBay, and I won all of the damn auctions, meaning I am out about $60.00. Nick is going to be so pissed. We're supposed to be saving money for our second honeymoon this summer, since we didn't get a real honeymoon right after the wedding.


My plan was to get maybe 8 hoops, make some stuff for myself and try to sell some on Etsy. Now I guess I'll just have to re-eBay the damn things, although I'm such a packrat I'll probably never get rid of them, and they'll end up collecting dust like all the rest of my unfinished projects. I wish I had more time to spend on crafting. I feel like I make some nice things, and that if I had more time to spend blogging and actually making pieces, I would sell more. I don't know. I look at these shops on Etsy that sell jewelry, and I KNOW my stuff is so much nicer, cooler, and better-made, but these people have a bajillion sales and I have 4. I'm not trying to say that I'm the best thing since sliced bread or anything, but seriously, COME ON! I am not going to make some tacky-ass anklet just so I can make more sales. I would rather be a poor, unsuccessful artist who makes awesome stuff than put one thing in my shop that I don't like or wouldn't wear.


I wanted to get so much done this weekend, and as usual, I got nothing done. I skipped church today and slept in until 1:00 pm, then cleaned and folded clothes before getting sucked into VH1's reality shows and the ever-enticing pull of teh interwebs. Maybe tomorrow I will actually get something done. HA! I'm going to my Etsy Street Team meeting tomorrow at noon, so hopefully I can get some good ideas from the successful sellers there. Here's hoping!

Happy MLK Day!!

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