Thursday, March 18, 2010


I'm back from New Jersey! (In case you didn't know, I went to Jersey for 8 days with my friend Heidi and her freaking adorable twins to visit her family.) It was a nice vacay, and I got to go into Manhattan twice! It was fun, especially because I'd never been there before. Now I'm back, and the real work begins!!

I've got a deadline--10 necklaces and as many earrings as my fat little fingers can make for a party this Saturday at Talloni of Greenville, a local shoe boutique where my wares are peddled. Plus, I'm donating a necklace for a charitable silent auction (that I still have to make), have a special choir rehearsal on Saturday from 10-12, am singing for a wedding in two weeks, and still need to find a "real" job for next school year!!! Eeeeeek!!

But I guess it's a good kind of crazy--the kind where I get paid. Always nice. I'm working on some new designs that I'm really excited about and some bridal jewelry for Mia Alexander Salon & Spa. Well, I'm actually watching Celebrity Fit Club right now, so....I should probably get to work on making baubles!!

Before I go, please keep my blog friend Shan from Design Gal & Her Handyman in your thoughts--she has recently been dealing with some tough things--her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer and now her cat Kiki has also been diagnosed with cancer. Head over and give her some blog love.


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cathycan said...

It's good to be busy! Sounds like your jewelry is really taking off! Hope you can find a job!! It's bad out there.