Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm seriously considering opening another Etsy shop for my prints, paintings, and fabric art, but I need to think of a good name first. Right now I'm debating between Tin Oiseau and Handbanana. I just thought of Handbanana tonight (Thanks, ATHF!). It was between TO and Odile, but Nick pronounced it wrong and I don't want to think of people pronouncing it "Oh-dyle." Like anyone will pronounce oiseau any better. (It's wah-zoh in case you're wondering. It's French for "bird.") Anyway...I'm still debating. These are some possible designs I've come up with. Thoughts and suggestions are VERY welcome!!

Sorry for the blurriness of this one, not sure what the deal is:

I haven't come up with a design for Handbanana yet, since I just thought of that one tonight. Which is, by the way, totally unoriginal. Handbanana is the name of one of the characters on the Adult Swim cartoon Aqua Teen Hunger Force, only one of the best shows ever. It comes on Cartoon Network.

Anyway, please leave a comment or shoot me an email with your thoughts, opinions, critiques, etc. Nick thinks it looks like everything else on Etsy, which I can totally see, but I don't know that I necessarily want to steer myself away from that, because if that's what people gravitate toward, then I want to be gravitated to. Or toward. Or at. Whatever.