Saturday, December 26, 2009




The new issue of Lonny is here, and...I have no words. It's...amazing. My heart was seriously pounding while I was reading it. It was that good. The only thing that detracted from the whole experience was the typos, but I am a grammar and spelling nazi-type, so it probably won't bother most people.

Here's a teaser:

It's designer Vanessa DeVargas's bedroom. DY-ING. Inside. By the way, she shops at JCPenney. WTF? Don't get me wrong, that's freaking awesome, but since when did JCP get cute home stuff? I guess I need to hit them up. When I get some money. Which will probably not be anytime soon.

I just wanted to share because I love Lonny, and I'm so excited that their new issue is out! Go now and read it! Here's another link: Lonny. Go now!

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