Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I got some new hotness fabric from an online retailer and made a FABULOUS Euro sham for our bed. I'm going to post a picture later because I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Not like pillows or pillowcases are super-hard to make, but it has been a long time since I busted out the old Pfaff and started getting crazy. I also made some sweet little birds for my cousin's in-utero baby (we're calling him/her Baby Pickle at this point). I think I'm going to turn them into a mobile or something. I'll be posting pictures later this week.

Nick and I are leaving tomorrow to go to Charleston with his family for his uncle's annual New Year's Eve oyster roast. I don't like oysters, and I've never been to an oyster roast, but I've heard there will be beer there, so I am definitely into that. I think there will also be some ice skating going on, and I feel certain I will be grievously injured if I partake. So I might sit out on that, although Nick I'm sure would be really excited if I actually skated with him. I'll have to weigh the options--bodily harm vs. making Nick grin....I'm still thinking.

Christmas was lovely--this is the first time in a few years that I haven't been sick on Christmas Eve, and I made it through all of Midnight Mass. This was the first Christmas with our new choir director, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Kevin brought in some amazing musicians, and we learned the Charpentier mass (parts of it, anyway). It was lovely, and not nearly as exhausting as the past few years have been. Nick and I had a great time with our families, and spent a happy first Christmas together! I also got some VERY exciting Christmas presents this year, and I'm INLOVE with everything I got, but there were a few standouts: a new easel and some fabulous art supplies from my sweet Dad (aka, Santa Claus); a HOT purse from Nick's parents, and of course the obligatory "Our First Christmas" ornaments, which I actually really like.

It's a slow news day. We're leaving for Charleston with the fam tomorrow morning, and I'm sure the ride down will be filled with Barbie movies, our nieces arguing (they're 7 and almost 4), and some interesting catchphrases. The latest from Delaney was during the younger kids' nightly tubby. A toy fell and she said, "Whoa, that was close! It almost hit my penis!" She just heard the word for the first time the other day, and apparently was itching to use it! I love the things that kids say. I'm taking my journal, so hopefully I'll have tons more exciting news to report when I return.

Au revoir!

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