Sunday, December 28, 2008

The new hotness

Two things: 1. I successfully (by myself and with no help from anyone) managed to create not one, but TEW (that's how it sounds when I say it, according to my sweet husband) new Etsy banners and avatars! That's right, people. Using only my meager Photoshop skills, Microsoft Word (for crap's sake), and Mac's Pixelmator, I created two tres chic (I think they are, anyway) banners and avatars. 2. I created a new Etsy identity, an alterego, if you will. Since hawleywood is my jewelry store, and the whole tagline is "handcrafted jewelry fabulosity," I didn't feel right about listing non-jewelry items, so I created a whole new shop for my fabricrafts, as I like to call them. I have probably painted myself into a corner, but I will probably only sell like three things anyway, so it shouldn't be too time-consuming. So anyway, my new store is called Sew Sharp! (my new last name is Sharp....clearly I'm not that creative when it comes to naming things), and it will feature lovely knitted and sewn creations by yours truly. Look for that to start up in January.

I've been thinking more and more lately about quitting my job and making things full-time. I'm not actually going to do it, because God knows I certainly can't afford that, but it's my dream. I would love nothing more than to make jewelry and sew lovely things and sell them on Etsy for a modest profit. As long as I can pay the bills and have a little extra to put toward our dream of owning a home, then I'll be happy. I don't need a bajillion dollar salary or a title. Quite frankly, I'm really not all that happy in my current job, and I really wish that I could resign and concentrate on school and crafting full-time, but again, those pesky bills get in the way of that dream.

If I could quit my job right now, I would be done with classes in one term, and I could student-teach next fall, then I would be done with my master's! How exciting! Unfortunately, unless we win the lottery or discover the cure for cancer I just don't see that happening. Ideally, I'd like for Nick to be able to quit his job and finish school first, and by then I would *hopefully* be done with school and could be a full-time craft diva. Ah, daydreaming....

In any case, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday (just in case anyone actually reads this and I'm not just talking to myself here), and please check both Etsy stores in mid-January for new fabulosity!

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