Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My computer is working again! Thanks to the fabulous people at iPlace in downtown Greenville, our MacBook has a brand new DC power converter and keyboard/touchpad area! YAY!!!

On to bigger and even better news: hawleywood jewelry is now being sold at Hip Replacements in downtown Asheville!!! OMGTOTHEMAX! My friend Karen had previously suggested I check out the co-op galleries up there, and last week, my friend Tristen suggested I take some of my pieces with us on our daytrip, just on the off-chance that someone in a store might be interested. Well, they were! I sold three necklaces to the owner of Hip Replacements, an awesome vintage-and-new boutique, and another to a lady working in Terra Diva, an upscale lingerie store. She bought the necklace right off my neck! Needless to say, I was SO EXCITED, and I celebrated by buying a sweet purple (plum, really) dress from Minx, yet another hot boutique.

Amazing, all in all. So, things are looking up for hawleywood - handcrafted jewelry fabulosity. I ran out of business cards that day, so I've been working on a new design. Here are the two I've come up with so far:

Yes, they are blurry, but I can't do much about that since Blogger will only let me upload JPEG files instead of TIFFs, which are much clearer. I don't know how those blog geniuses get their images so crisp (without increasing the resolution and making the file too big to upload). I'll have to find that out.

Anyway, I'm leaning toward the second one, just because of the gorgeous flowery border. But it doesn't really have anything to do with jewelry. Of course, my old card didn't have anything to do with jewelry either. I don't know, but I've got to figure something out fast! I'm going up to Asheville with more necklaces on Saturday, and I've got to have some by then!!

That's all the news that's unfit to print.

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Michael said...

I am so Proud!!!!!!

I like card #2.