Saturday, August 1, 2009

I hate technology

But only when it turns on me. My Macbook pretty much had some sort of epileptic seizure and stopped wanting to boot up and act normally, so I had to take it to the iPlace today to get checked out. I'm sure whatever it is will cost me 8 bajillion dollars and probably my soul too. Dammit. To make myself feel better about the damn computer I've started an apron using all Amy Butler fabrics. Jellis much? If the tarded mac gets fixed soon I'll post pics of the finished product. I've also got some nursery before-and-after shenanigans to get posted, so my fingers are crossed that the death knell hasn't sounded yet for good ol' MacBook.

Did I mention that it died in the middle of finishing my final project for my last grad course for my master's? Oh, I didn't? Well, it DID, the bastard! The audacity! In other news, I have some lovely new beads coming in soon! I'm currently working on some bridal jewelry for a lovely lady in Etsy land, and there are two (yes, 2) jewelry parties in the works for this fall!! So at least some things are going well and working out as planned (so far).

I think that's all the news there is, and all the news there isn't, to quote Michael Feldman. (If you don't know who he is, look him up, because you're missing out.)

Say a silent prayer for my little MacBook, and pictures will hopefully be up soon of the myriad projects I've delved into.


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