Sunday, September 20, 2009

I have to make this quick

Because Nick is harassing me to get the laptop, but I wanted to share two things: 1. An awesome, awesome new blog I found: In the Fun Lane. You must go there immediately and be amazed by Holly's talent, creativity, and super-cool aesthetic. 2. From In the Fun Lane, I found an A-MAZING new fabric store obsession: Tonic Living. You MUST go there!!

That is all. Relinquishing the laptop to hubby in 3...2...1....GAH!!!!


cathycan said...

This is actually abt. your previous post.I know what you mean abt. Mormon Bloggers! I AM a Mo blogger but I don't feel the need to identify myself as such, not a "good missionary", I guess.
I have to say , I loved your, "I'm allowed to say that, because I'm Catholic" hahaha
and I'm sad about Kevin too, poor baby. I'm Designer Gal's mom, by the way.

design gal said...

haha! i didn't know my mom read your blog too! great minds think alike! :)

LOVED this blog suggestion! thanks!

p.s. how did you put the back ground on the inside of your blog? and where'd you find the image? i just BARELY learned how to put color on the outside of my blog! lol