Friday, September 18, 2009

RIP Kevin

This post is in honor of Kevin the kitten, who died today. He died in his sleep, but I don't know why or exactly when. He was sleeping on the kittens' favorite blanket today when I got home, and when I moved the blanket, he was limp. I picked him up and his eyes were open and he was completely limp, but still warm. I tried to give him CPR, and when I pushed his chest there was a kind of slurping sound, so I think he might have had fluid in his lungs or something. His nose turned pink again when I was giving him rescue breaths, but he didn't start breathing on his own. Poor Kevin. He was Nick's favorite, and he was the runt. I love runts. And Kevin. He was a beautiful orange tabby, and not even two months old--way too young to die. I'm going to take the other kittens to the vet tomorrow (or Monday) and get them checked out because I don't want Tortoise or Onomatopoeia to die too! I have the major sads. We're going to bury Kevin in the back yard when Nick gets home from work.

Rest in peace, Kevin. We loved you.


design gal said...

oh! i'm so sorry! at least you tried to save him. i hope the other kittens are good!

Cancha-diction said...