Sunday, September 6, 2009

I have a Fan Page!

So I finally figured out how to create a Fan Page on Facebook. Yes, I am slow. You can find a link to it at the bottom of this page. Please join, even if you think my jewelry's crap and you hate my looks so lonely with no fans!!

Sorry I've been absent--I started student teaching last week, so I've been pretty busy with that. I am in a Kindergarten class, and I love, love, love it! The kids are adorable! One little girl thought my name was Mrs. Shark, which was hilarious (it's Sharp). Nick thought that was awesome. Another little girl related everything to cupcakes. As in, "___, can you tell me another word that starts with /ch/?" Little girl: "Cupcake?" And later, "____, what is your favorite fruit?" Little girl: "I like cupcakes." Teacher: "Yes, we know you like cupcakes, but do you like, bananas, or apples?" Little girl: (Making a face) "No I just like cupcakes." TOO funny!

I am also gearing up for a Handmade Market this Saturday, so I've been working overtime making jewelry while also working on lesson plans. And now I'm sick, which doesn't so much help. At least four or five of the kids in my class have bronchitis, and they've been hugging all over me and holding my hands (not to mention sneezing on me) all week, so it's no surprise I'm sick. I just hope I start feeling better tomorrow because I've got a lot of jewelry to make!

I should probably get to bed for now. I'm sitting here with my head in Nick's lap as he's playing a game on Xbox, and the controller keeps vibrating on my head. You know you wanted to know that.

Love and other indoor sports,
Cooter Pooter McGrooter

PS the Handmade Market will be at the Liquid Highway at Hudson Corners, located at 2133 Old Spartanburg Road in Greer, SC. There will be delicious coffee (as always, it's Liquid Highway, hell-o!) and lots of lovely handmade things (I'm hoping mine will be the loveliest!).