Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vote for me!

Please take a moment to vote for my Migration Earrings in the SC Etsy Street Team's September Creative Challenge! Here's the link: The earrings feature honey-gold aventurine coin beads and brass birds in flight.

Thank you for the kind words and sympathy for our loss--Kevin the kitten is sorely missed!! We are thankful that we still have two sweet kittens left from the litter, and they seem to be flourishing. I don't really have much more news, except that I bought two yards of fabric from Tonic Living!!! You're jealous, I know. I finally found the PERFECT fabric for the mid-century mod chairs. I'll take pics when it comes in. SO excited!!

Funny quotes from kids in my kindergarten class today:

Gracie, after getting up from Rest & Read: "Whatcha doin', Mrs. Sharky?" (Imagine this being said with a lisp. Too cute.)

Keniya, while talking about safety: "If you can have a fire in your house the alarm clock can smell it!"

I love kindergarten.

Happy almost-Friday, everyone!!


design gal said...

I love your jewelry & you have my vote! And thanks to you, I now know of a great fabric site!

cathycan said...

LOVE those earrings, I'll vote for you!
Kindergartners are so fun, still such itty-bitties, but anxious, eager and excited to learn all the things big people know! Good Luck!! and enjoy!