Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am hesitant to post about this, because I am usually very tight-lipped about personal things that are actually important and/or meaningful, but I think Shan has the right idea.

Yesterday, I found out for sure that my grandmother's breast cancer has come back. Even though she had a double radical mastectomy over 10 years ago. It's come back in her bone marrow. Luckily, the doctor says it's easily treatable with pills and intravenous treatments (not chemo, but I don't know exactly what it is). So that's good news.

In case any of you are readers of my old Myspace blog (if you're not, don't worry, you didn't miss anything), this is Crazy Granny of "greasy twigs" fame, not Grandmommie who lives in the Retirement Castle. No, my Granny is not really crazy, just...ummmm...eccentric? She researches aliens and government conspiracies and totally, 100% believes almost everything she reads on the interwebs. She has a laptop and a printer, and goes to town printing articles on how the Hopi Indians reverse-engineered alien technology to build spaceships and other things like that.

My Granny is hilarious, and lives with my mom, whom Granny calls bossy at least five times a day. I have some awesome Granny stories, too many to put here, but I need to write them down somewhere before I forget. Here's just a few reasons why my Granny is so awesome:

Granny was a teacher for a million years, and taught elementary and junior high in BFE Georgia. She was married to my Grandaddy, who was the high school guidance counselor and a WWII veteran. Every summer, my parents would ship my sister and me off to their house in the mountains of North Georgia for a three-week vacation. Usually, our first cousins were there, too, and we would spend the whole time playing outside, running through the cornfields, stepping in cow pies (that's cow shit, in case you didn't know), and fighting with each other constantly. Granny usually had to paddle at least one of us every single day with her ping-pong paddle of butt destruction. Not pretty, but we were brats and totally deserved it.

Granny is the best cook ever. Don't even try to tell me anything different because I will call you a liar. She uses "seasoned oil" in everything. "Seasoned oil" is also known as "starter grease" to some, or drippings to others. You know that stuff you drain out of your meat after you cook it and throw away or pour down the drain? Yeah, that stuff. But ONLY fried chicken and bacon grease. None of that hamburger grease--it will not do. And I don't want to hear any of this crap about "clogging my arteries" or "Type 2 Diabetes." I will eat Granny's cooking as long as she is able to cook it, and that's all there is to it.

Granny taught my sister and me (and my cousins I suppose) to read when we were 3 or 4.

Granny used to play her guitar or the piano and teach us folk songs from when she was young. My favorite was The Happy Wanderer.

Granny and Grandaddy had two huge gardens, cows, crabapple trees, and a lot of pasture land where we would roam and play act to our little heart's desires. It was like a wonderland to us.

As my mama and my Granny would say, she is the salt of the earth. I love my Granny SO MUCH.

That is all.


design gal said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry! :( I'm thinking about you and praying for you guys! Try to stay positive :)

P.S. The garden stool is sooo heavy, i don't think crazed kittens could knock it over! :)

also loved your waynes world reference! lol

cathycan said...

Does everyone have totally opposite grandmas?! Mine were like that, too.
Start writing those Granny stories honey, it will never be any easier than it will be right now.